Claude Knobler | Author, dad, and husband

Claude KnoblerClaude Knobler’s essays have appeared in Parenting and on NPR’s “This I Believe,” as well as in one of the radio program’s literary anthologies, , and in Worldwide Orphans Foundation founder alongside essays by Melissa Fay Greene, Mary-Louise Parker, Connie Britton and Shonda Rhimes.

Before that, it was a bit stranger….

For nearly a decade and a half, Claude’s syndicated radio feature was heard daily in well over a hundred US cities, as well as in Sydney, Australia, London and New Zealand. Mixing humorous Hollywood updates with movie reviews, radio listeners in New York, Dallas, Boston, San Diego, Orlando, Grand Rapids, Chicago and dozens of other cities listened regularly to “Claude Knobler, Live From Hollywood Reports”.

Prior to working on the radio, Claude often appeared on TV, co-starring in a pilot for an ABC series with a young Brad Pitt called The Kids Are Alright (Brad was…Claude, not so much.) To this day, Claude’s friends and family still enjoy teasing him about his brief but stunning performance in an episode of The Father Dowling Mysteries, his guest starring role on an episode of the little seen, Booker, the episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air he was edited out of, and his ‘work’ in Disney’s TV Movie, Double Switch, opposite future Oscar winner Elizabeth Shue.

But of course, not all of Claude’s early work was exotic or out of the ordinary. For example, prior to his time as an actor, Claude spent two years working in New York City as a private detective. (Really, it’s true.) Before that, he delivered singing telegrams in a gorilla costume and also spent a Summer dressed as King Kong entertaining tourists on the observatory deck of the Empire State Building. (Really, really.)

Claude Knobler now lives in Los Angeles with
his wife, three children and his dog, Boise.